The Limousin Breed

The Limousin is a rich gold colour, with lighter circles around the eye and the muzzle, and shading to a lighter colour on the legs. Limousins can also be black as a result of grading up from black cattle in Australia.

The head is small and short with a broad forehead, and the neck is short.

All French Limousins are naturally horned. In Australia polled Limousins have also been developed. Most horned Limousins are dehorned at a young age.
The Limousin is intermediate in size and maturity between British and most other European breeds.

Limousin cattle adapt to diverse climates and the widest range of management systems, from the top end of the Northern Territory to the highlands of Central Tasmania.

Ease of Calving
Limousin calves have low birth weights, which lead to minimum calving problems when Limousin bulls are used over cows of other breeds.

High Dressing Percentage
Limousin crossbred steers and heifers have high dressing percentages of 58 -63 percent compared to an average of 53 – 58 percent.

High Yield
High meat to bone ratios and low fat leads to outstanding yields of saleable meat from Limousin cross carcases. Yields of up to 80% of saleable meat are not uncommon.

Tender Healthy Beef
Limousin meat is finely textured, tender and low in saturated fats and cholesterol. It is genetically trimmed.


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