The Limousin Assurance Program

The Limousin Assurance Program has the following objectives:

  • To differentiate Limousin members from commercial breeders who sell unregistered bulls.
  • To provide members with a uniform method of providing information, assurance and warranties to potential buyers.

The basic requirements for members to participate in the Limousin Assurance Program are:

  • All seedstock animals offered for sale are registered or recorded with the Australian Limousin Breeders' Society and transferred on request by the purchaser.
  • Each drop of calves are docility scored using the ALBS docility scoring system and the scores are submitted to ALBS.
  • A prescribed docility warranty is provided for all bulls and females.
  • A prescribed fertility warranty is provided for all bulls and females.

The Limousin Assurance logo would be presented as follows in advertisements or sale catalogues.

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