About us

We started off breeding a few-cows/vealers in the Yarra Valley Region, using a Hereford or Angus Bull. We made a decision to move to the Warragul region 10 years ago and started breeding vealers, when we discovered that the vealers that bought the top prices at the market were out of a Limousin Bull, so we thought we would give it a go and increased the price of a vealer by $100.00 just because it was a Limousin cross.

We were so impressed by this that we decided we could breed our own Limousin Bull, so we purchased a few Pure French Cows and that is when we got hooked into the Limousin Breeding game.

It has grown over the years to this day we have 70 registered breeders. Our herd comprises of Pure French, Polled, Pure French Polled, and Black.

We have tried to keep the muscling of the pure French, but who likes dehorning, so we have crossed a lot to a polled bull, as well as AI to Pure French Polled, so we have a variety.

We now have Pure French Polled heifers breeding with Pure French Polled bulls.

Docitity is also very important to us, so we cull anything that is not quiet. We belong to the Limousin Assurance Program to guarantee our Bulls.

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